22 Oct 2014
by basti12354

New FREE-Versions!

Try out the brand new FREE-Version of the app “Women Fitness: Bikini Body“! Click on these links to download “Women Fitness: Bikini Body”:

Women Fitness: Bikini Body Free

Women Fitness: Bikini Body


* Train your „problematic areas“ belly, legs, buttocks, back and upper arms.
* More than 20 different exercises, that are specially selected for female bodies.
* The exercises were selected jointly by sports scientists and sports medics.
* Step by step explanations with high resolution images, texts and audible announcements.
* You can choose between 8 different levels of difficulty.
* The training duration for your perfect bikini body is only between 6 and 8 minutes!
* You have NOT to be a superhuman for this workout.
* No static training plan. You can choose by yourself how often you want to do these workouts.
* The exercises are suitable for everyone, both beginners and advanced.
* You don’t need any fitness equipment, you train with your own weight. => Start your workout whenever and wherever you want.
* Get a six-pack for the beach by doing this workout routinely!
* Optimized for smartphones and tablets

* Crunch (and more abdominal exercises to get a six-pack!)
* Forearm Side Plank
* Modified Push-Up
* Mountain Climber
and much more exercises to get a great bikini-body for your holidays on the beach!


Click on these links to download “Women Fitness: Bikini Body”:

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05 Oct 2014
by basti12354

New Video for “Women Fitness: Bikini Body”

There is a brand new video for the iOS and Android App “Women Fitness: Bikini Body” available.


The standard version of “Women Fitness: Bikini Body” for iOS and android you can get by clicking on these links:

Get the free Android-Version:

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English version for iOS available!

After the english translation of the Android-App “Women Fitness: Bikini Body”, the english-version for iOS is available too! All exercises are specially selected for female bodies. The exercises are explained by text, sound and high-resolution images. The text and the sound is completely in english in both versions!


Here you can download the Android and the iOS-Version of “Women Fitness: Bikini Body”!

New FREE-Version!

The app “Women Fitness: Bikini Body” has a new free-version for android out now! The free-version is financed by advertising. There is also an in-app-purchase available to get the basic-version and remove the ads.


Women Fitness: Bikini Body Free

Click on the icon to get the free-version!


Click here to get the free-version of the app “Women Fitness: Bikini Body”







The standard version of “Women Fitness: Bikini Body” for iOS and android you can get by clicking on these links:

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End of Summer Sale 2014: Bikini Body-App for only 0,99 $  instead of 1,99 $.

You are saving 50 %, if you buy the app “Women Fitness: Bikini Body” now. The price is only for a limited time!

You get a great workout for home, that trains your butt, your legs and your belly!


Icon of the App "Female Fitness: Bikini Body"

End of Summer Sale: – 50%


“Women Fitness: Bikini Body” End of Summer SALE

Localization of audio-files in Xcode/iOS


Here is a very useful code snippet and short tutorial for localize your audio-files in your application.

I am using the AVAudioPlayer Class. You can find the class reference of Apple here:

AVAudioPlayer Class

Let’s assume that you have a View with a ViewController that contains a button. If you click on the button your application should start to play a sound for example a .mp3-file.

1. First open your project:


Open your project!



2. Check the box “Use Base Internationalization”. After that click the “+” and add a language. (In my example the default/Base language is English and I add German.) The next screen asks you which files you want to localize. Keep them all unselected and click Finish. (In this example I only localize the audio-file so I unselected all items.)


Check the box “Use Base Internationalization” and add another language!



3.  Now I create a folder for my english audio file.  After that I drag and drop the audio file to this folder.


Create a new folder for your audio-files. Drag and drop the audio-file with your base language.



4. Select your audio file and click on “Localize..” in the right pane. (File inspector)


Select the file and click on “Localize” on the right side.

Choose Base and click on “Localize”. Now the audio-file is your Base-Audio-File.

5. Now the File Inspector panel will show which languages this file belongs to. Currently, as you can see, the file is only localized for Base at the moment. Add your language by checking the box of your language. (In my case German)


Click on the language you want to add in the File Inspector


6. Now your audio-file was duplicated. Right-Click on the new created file and choose “Open in Finder”.  Now drag and drop your second audio-file with the other language to this folder. It is important that this audio-file is named same as the first one.  Now make sure you select the “Replace File” option in the Finder prompt.

7. That was all the magic of the localization of audio-files. Now I create an IBAction for my button to play the audio-file, if you click on it.

Here is the code of my IBAction:

 - (IBAction)playPauseButton:(id)sender {

    //My audio-file has the name crunch_wdh8 with the type mp3
    NSString *soundFilePath =  [[NSBundle mainBundle]
    pathForResource: @"crunch_wdh8" ofType: @"mp3"];

    NSURL *url = [[NSURL alloc]

    NSError *error;

    audioPlayer.delegate = (id)self;

    audioPlayer = [[AVAudioPlayeralloc]
    initWithContentsOfURL:url error:&error];

    audioPlayer.delegate = (id)self;

    if (audioPlayer== nil) {

        NSLog(@"%@", error );

    } else {

        [audioPlayer play];    }

Code works fine. I am doing exactly the same in my application “Female Fitness: Bikini Body”.



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Women Fitness: Bikini Body


Hey everybody,


here you can get information about by my application “Women Fitness: Bikini Body” and some other stuff like code tutorials for android and ios development.


Short History:

Ranking history of the app "Female Fitness: Bikini Body" at Google Play Store.

Ranking history of the app “Female Fitness: Bikini Body”


  • April 2014: created my application for the android-OS and publish it to the google play store
  • Mai 2014: publish the app to the Amazon-store (only 5 sells till now #Sept2014  )
  • Juli 2014 Birthday: I received a MacBookAir as a gift  (Special thanks to my girlfriend )
  • Juli 24, 2014: start to develop my app for iOS
  • August 18, 2014:  upload to the iOS app-store
  • August 22, 2014: Ready for sale in iOS app-store
  • August 29, 2014:  Publish the english version of my app to the Google Play Store



About me:

  • Since Oct. 2013     Student of LMU  (Media Informatics)
  • 2010-2013              Training as surgical assistant



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