Available for Android and iOS

Women Fitness: Bikini Body



  • Train your „problematic areas“ belly, legs, buttocks, back and upper arms
  • More than 20 different exercises, that are specially selected for female bodies
  • The exercises were selected jointly by sports scientists and sports medics
  • The exercises are suitable for everyone, both beginners and advanced
  • Step by step explanations with high resolution images, texts and audible announcements
  • You have NOT to be a superhuman for this workout
  • Available for iOS and Android


The images shows an iPhone with the app "Female Fitness: Bikini Body"

Available for iOS and Android!


  • “Women Fitness: Bikini Body” is available for iOS 7 (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android up to version 3.0 (“Honeycomb”) and higher.!
  • For smartphones and tablets!
  • You don’t need expensive fitness equipment. You need nothing more than a towel or a yoga mat!


Step by step explanations

The exercises are explained Step-by-Step with high-resolution images, text explanations and audible announcements in english or german. You can stop your training at any time by clicking on the pause-button. The second click on it will continue your training. Start your fitness workout with “Women Fitness: Bikini Body”!



"Female Fitness: Bikini Body" has 8 different difficulties. You can do theses exercises in front of your TV.

From beginner to professional!

You haven’t to be a superhero or a superhuman to start with these exercises. There are 8 different levels of difficulty in “Women Fitness: Bikini Body”. You can choose individually, which of these you want to do. There is NO static training plan: Start your training, when YOU have a little bit  time and some motivation!



"Female Fitness: Bikini Body" has more than 20 exercises like Crunch, Sit-Up, Forearm Plank, Wall Sit etc.

More than 20 different exercises!

There are more than 20 different exercises! The exercises were selected jointly by sports scientists and sports medics. You don’t need expensive fitness equipment, the only thing you need is your own body weight and a little motivation.



Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets!

The application “Women Fitness: Bikini Body” is available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).  It is optimized for Smartphones and Tablets!









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“Er macht Münchens Frauen fit”

(“He makes the women of munich fit”)

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